Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Carmel-by-the-Sea, part Deux

So, another day in the Carmel life, starting at the Cypress Inn (the Doris Day-owned very dog-friendly hotel) with the free breakfast (Tomokee has already had breakfast in the room, but as you can see from the rapt attention, he could use more food). Randy (see the earlier post) isn't working the desk in the morning, but T-dog has found yet another BFF (Best Friend Feeder, erm, Forever) from whom to cadge biscuits.

Before we go to the beach, we took a walk and found these parked Harleys. The blue machine has behind it its trailer and, if you look closely, you'll see the small dog carrier on the rear of the seat assembly... I took a closeup of this -- never seen it before.

The second of the two bikes has the most amazing helmet hanging on it... showing here. The Mohawk is great, but the logo really got me (you might need to click on the picture for detailed viewing).

We walked down to the beach... just look at the doggie panorama. So many happy critters! T-dog found a gorgeous Vizsla with whom he romped until good and tired. Tomokee really isn't good about recall when he's excited; fortunately, the vizsla was following its owner so we could snag the hyperactive maroon before he followed his new 4-legged buddy home.

Betty put him back on leash and he was much calmer.

Of course, no day is complete in Carmel without a visit to Lloyd's shoes, also a dog-friendly place. Here Betty is trying on (and subsequently bought) some leopard-skin shoes.

Later, we ate the Forge in the Forest for dinner. By holding the camera down near Tomokee's massive head, I caught two fresh droolcicles and one kind-of crusty one (that's what you get on your muzzle if you've got a droolcicle going and suddenly do the "helicopter head" maneuver). The restaurant provides a doggie menu; we selected the "quarter hounder" for T-dog. This must be delivered to the table so you can parcel the thing out over time as you eat, otherwise you get the 3 seconds of sheer joy as the 4-legged vacuum cleaner absorbs the whole thing and wonders why we're still eating.

All in all, a good trip for all creatures involved.

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Christie said...

Sounds like a most excellent trip. That helmet is CRAZY! I haven't been too into motorcycles but with mohawk helmets like that I just might have to start a new hobby. I wonder how cats would fare on the back of a hog???