Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tomokee and cats

Tomokee LOVES cats. Actually, we're not sure if he just loves cats, or he just doesn't know what to make of them. When he sees one, as long as it's not running, he will just stare and stare in a frozen posture. It's actually difficult to pull him away and continue the walk. Here he is "interacting" with Beau from the neighborhood.

Here, he's staring at Athens, also from the neighborhood, who is retreating behind the car.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Golden Gate Park

We decided to make a trip up to San Francisco and take Tomokee through Golden Gate Park. It's not an off-leash park, but it's still plenty of fun. There are lots of dogs, ducks, seagulls, and other life forms.
Here's Tomokee on the shore of Stow Lake. (I'm always amazed that his rear end does not touch the ground when he sits)

Here he is sitting in front of a tea house structure also on the shore of Stow Lake.