Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sitting Pretty

We here at Chez Tomokee have been boosting the economy (someone's got to do it!) by buying a lot of new furniture to replace aging furniture. One of the pieces we are replacing is the hide-a-bed in the family room. We are replacing it for several reasons.
(1) We really don't need a hide-a-bed.
(2) It's just so OHBU (Old, Heavy, Big, and Ugly)
(3) It's never been very comfortable.
(4) Tomokee uses it as his primary sitting post in the family room, throws his ball at it, jumps onto and off of it, and has basically trashed it to the point that it needs to be burned.

Since we are replacing it, I wanted to find a new chair for Tomokee to use. There are lots of dog sofas out there, but they cost just as much as an inexpensive human armchair. It just happened that we found this inexpensive $99.99 new-not-donated armchair from the local GW of Los Altos, which is our local upscale Goodwill store. Tomokee seems to like it -- we put lots of stuff on the hide-a-bed to prevent him from using it and encourage him to try the new chair.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another beach photo

The beach in January in Carmel-By-the-Sea was the prettiest I've ever seen it. Tomokee, as usual, is enjoying his beach time.