Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Poopsack Hats

So, I'm a guy. Guys like pockets. I'm happiest when I have cargo shorts on and a couple of shirt pockets to fall back to. That means I always have pants sitting around the dressing area with plastic bags shoved in the hind pockets to serve as the above-captioned Poopsack.

Betty's not a guy (duh). She wears stuff with no pockets at all (!!), and is loathe to cart a purse with her just to take the dog for walkies. Thus, (as we'd say in patent space) "a need arises in the art for a convenient way to cart a poopsack."

Betty's solution is functionally (if not aesthetically) elegant... put the poopsack in the hatband (seen here):

The more Jed Clampett-like hat is on the left (for everyday wear) whilst the more festive number on the right is better for more formal (!?) occasions. The Jed hat is shown equipped with a Cypress Inn poopsack while the "formal" hat has a 5 paw bakery bag (very good for the purpose after their tasty contents are removed... sort of an interesting life symmetry there) tucked therein.

1 comment:

Christie said...

I need me one of those Jed Clampett-like hats. We just have one of those hydrant-looking poo bag holders attached to the leash. Nothing stylish there.