Monday, June 25, 2007


We took a weekend trip to the ever-so-dog-friendly Carmel-by-the-Sea. Tomokee enjoyed himself thoroughly. We stayed at the Cypress Inn, partly owned by Doris Day. Randy, a guest relations person, became Tomokee's best-friend-forever (BFF). Here, you can see Tomokee cadging biscuits from Randy. All Randy had to do was peek his head over the counter, and Tomokee would be right there!

We took a nice hike in Garland Ranch, located in Carmel Valley. Here's Tomokee enjoying a drink from a horse watering tub. Tomokee really hates horses -- he barks and goes crazy when he sees them. I wonder if he knows that he's drinking the same water they do.

This is a view from "Inspiration Point". Bruce is enjoying the view. We're not sure what Tomokee is enjoying, but he seems happy.

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