Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dog Lexicography, Part II

OK, time for two new dog-centric words.


Everybody knows that dogs sniff everything (when you watch a dog sniff a big pile of turds, you realize God gave dogs a great sense of smell and no brains to use it properly). Sniffing has a nice quiet sound associated with it. Snoofing, on the other hand is that loud sound of a power sniff, preceded by air being propelled vigorously from the nose (I guess to clear dust and the like from the smell-target). Often times the dog can freak out a guest by first sniffing at, say, an ankle, followed by a full-up snoof, often causing surprise and concern. It also, when applied to a guest, means they carry either food or kitty scents.


There's a sound that dogs make when they've settled themselves in for a nap or for the night that combines a sigh and a kind-of "fnurrrgh" rumble. This elicits a "nice snorg" from the owners upon occurrence.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

We're not so sure about winning this bet...

Okay Charlotte, if you're reading this, your odds of winning the bet appears to have gone up. We thought that Tomokee's weight had stabilized at about 55 lbs., but he seems to have experienced a growth spurt recently. This is probably normal for Tomokee (he's just gaining muscle mass, not fat), not good for us, and good for Charlotte. Here's the chart so far:

DateWeight (lbs.)
June 200648
August 200652
October 200655
December 200655.4
January 200755.7
February 200759.5

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Oh, 'ees French, you know...

As a result of a need for an immunity injection (no, not anything to do with Survivor), a vet-tech at our favourite vet place (Adobe) looked at yonder beastie and inquired if he was a Beauceron. [God bless links from blogs...] OK -- even if he's not, it's the (spammer's Mecca), "replica Beauceron." The physicality (with some deviations) and temperament match. People look way more impressed when I call the dog a Beauceron instead of "dog." [N.B.: just because she was interesting looking, I used to tell people that Benzlo was a pure-bred "Shao-Lin." People bought it and we were both made happy thereby].

As a result, we've now started calling the poor thing (by his name, mostly, really, trust me...) on occasion, "the Frenchman" or worse (no, Darren, no Québécois humour here). God bless 'im, he don't care. Who knows -- maybe we have a great male champion of the breed (double dew-claws and all). Oh, wait, he was neutered at Animal Services... Bollocks! (appropriate, no!?)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

More Medication, Please

Tomokee has lots of toys, and he particularly likes the ones that make a lot of noise. Here's a video of him playing with one of his favorite squeaky toys. Unfortunately for use, it sounds like a herd of hungry chinchillas.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Superbowl Sunday

Bruce watched the game on Sunday, but Tomokee was totally unimpressed. He did look at it as an opportunity to be a lap dog for a while.