Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New balls

Tomokee loves tennis balls. From immediately after breakfast to about 9PM, he's got a tennis ball that he's fetching, dribbling, or just holding in his mouth. He slobbers them pretty badly and they also get coated with dirt from playing outside. We clean them frequently by giving them a light wash in the washing machine without soap and letting them air dry. Eventually he pops them and that's the end.

What he loves more than anything are new tennis balls. By new, we mean balls that are new to him. This bag of balls is a gift because they have been determined to be no longer suitable for competition practice. Usually we hide them in the closet and just pick one for him, but this time we let him select one hmself. I don't know what are his criteria, but he managed to select one after some snuffling around in the bag.