Saturday, March 22, 2008

Field of doggy dreams

Today, we went to the doggy easter "egg" hunt sponsored by the local Five Paw Dog Bakery, with proceeds to benefit the Palo Alto Animal Services. We went last year, so Tomokee is a pro at this. He started snuffling the ground almost immediately looking for the egg-shaped dog biscuits. Here he is standing by one of the boundary markers.

This is the scene looking back towards the entrance.

Here are some of the other participants.

And finally,here's a view from the top of the hill at the Westwind barn location.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Every guy needs a tux

We decided to attend the Fur Ball this year, and Tomokee is allowed to come along. Of course, my first thought is, "he doesn't have a thing to wear!". I decided I wanted to sew something, but B.E. said ix-nay on lame, velvet, sequins, or anything else that would make him look like Liberace. I thought about it, and decided that since he's a black dog, all he needs is a shirt, tie, and cummerbund, and he would look like he's wearing a tux. I think he looks pretty sharp, even if he looks like a bad ventriloquist who's not wearing any pants.

Friday, March 7, 2008


This photo is from our recent trip to the Sierras. While shopping in Truckee, we visited the Scraps Dog Bakery. The woman working in the store had these boots that just said "photo-op". While there, we bought some cow tail treats for Tomokee, which for some reason unknown to me, are called "Texas toothpicks".