Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dog park day

It was time to take Mr. bark-bark-bark-until-you-run-with-me to the dog park again. This time, he got to do lots of running. He ran with a brown dog, the Australian shepherd named Pepper just entering the park, and a Norwegian elkhound named Maloo (sp?), who is the gray furry dog in the photo.
Once again, we brought treats to try some recall training on Tomokee. We brought extra special food, some fat trimmed from a Salt Lick BBQ brisket, but it still didn't work. Tomokee didn't care about the food, but Maloo was sitting by my side for quite awhile sniffing my pocket.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Finally -- something Tomokee will not eat!

Tomokee is an eating kind of dog. There's not much he won't eat. I caught him sink diving the other day, and he jumped away when I yelled at him. Then I saw him spit something out in disgust. It was some leftover grapefruit scraps. This wasn't just any old grapefruit, it was a cocktail grapefruit, one of the the tastiest grapefruits I've ever eaten. Tomokee just has no taste.

Friday, January 11, 2008

New Year's Day Hike

We took a hike with a bunch of people and 2 other dogs on New Years Day to Mission Peak. I think we hiked enough to burn off the extra calories consumed on New Year's Eve at Chez TJ. Here's Tomokee on the trail.

And here's a bunch of us at the top. The other black dog is named Jack, and the border collie like dog is named Lucy.