Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tomokee:2 Elizabethan collars: 1

Tomokee recently developed a small irritation on his skin (a "hot spot") that he was licking a bit too much. The vet sold us an Elizabethan collar, which stayed on him for no more than about 20 minutes before he rammed it into things and broke it. Tomokee:1, Collars:0.

So, off to the local Petco I go, and I got another collar. The store didn't have any of these soft foam ones I was hoping for, but this one is good enough for now. It's softer than the first one, and also more shallow, so that Tomokee can still play ball. He's resting comfortably, as you can see. Tomokee: 1, Collars: 1.

However, Tomokee still runs into things while wearing it, and in this case, the collar did not break, but he managed to shear off the attachment for the over-the-door shoe rack. Tomokee:2, collars: 1.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Now if only he could cook the whole meal

We recently replaced our kitchen range, and this new one has front panel electronic controls. We've been finding the electronic settings in some odd states once in a while after Tomokee has done some minor stove surfing when the stove is no longer in use. (He's smart enough not to do that when there are actually hot things on the stove). Luckily, most serious settings require multiple actions, which he hasn't figured out yet!