Sunday, March 30, 2014


In San Francisco, one of the backyard neighbors dog sits for three dogs that belong to his son and his son's girlfriend. I don't know the spelling of their names, but from left to right, they are Molly, Micah, and Rajah. These are the events that happen throughout a day:

  • 1. Molly and friends come out to the deck to enjoy some sunshine.
  • 2. Molly starts barking, probably because she saw a leaf fall, or something like that.
  • 3. Tomokee runs downstairs to the back fence area.
  • 4. Molly sees Tomokee and barks more loudly, causing the other two dogs to do some barking also.
  • 5. Tomokee gets up close to the fence to see through the gaps and Molly no longer sees Tomokee so she shuts up.
  • 6. Tomokee walks away from the fence, Molly sees him and starts barking again.
  • 7. Repeat steps 5. and 6. many times until either I drag Tomokee away or the neighbor calls the dogs inside and off the deck.

For the record, the neighbor is a very nice man and finds this all very amusing.

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Darren said...

I too find it very amusing. Then, I am a number of miles away.