Wednesday, July 15, 2009

They're Italian, you know

We've always had ergonomic issues with Tomokee's food and water bowls. (That would be human ergonomic issues - not canine ones). The water bowl is too hard to hold and balance without sloshing when it's full. Tomokee is a big-time drinker, so we always fill it almost to the brim. The food bowl is hard to pick up from floor. Last weekend, we were in the Lake Tahoe area, and I went shopping at Dog.Dog.Cat, a fun pet food and supply store. They had these cool bowls on sale. The cutouts make them easy to pick up and carry. They're made in Italy, and anything made in Italy is always cool looking.
Here are Tomokee's old bowls.

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Darren said...

Those are pretty sweet. Poor Beauty has to make do with this: