Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Snow dog

We went on a snow shoeing trip up to the Lake Tahoe area, and we hiked the Castle Peak trail up to Castle Pass. This is from the same view as our summer hike, but now it's covered in snow.

Tomokee loves the snow -- here he is playing in the North Tahoe regional park, where we did a shorter snow shoeing trek the day before.


Christie said...

We took Beauty the wonder dog up to Mt. Hood for the day awhile back and her poor little paws were cut up from the snow. How'd Tomokee fare?

betty said...

Tomokee does fine walking through snow without any booties. Our vet said that the snow in the Sierras isn't that rough on dogs' paws.
Also, Tomokee has ginormous paws and very thick platform-shoe style pads, so that might help.