Saturday, August 23, 2008

He's blessing you with his ass II, the sequel

So, it turns out Tomokee's backing-his-butt-into-you behaviour is not only for people, but for objects said people might be using. It has to be an animated, people-related item, he does not just go around applying a brown-eye chop to every lump in the house (praised is Zeus!).

What's interesting about this shot is, instead of having red devil-dog eyes from the flash, he's got some sort of chameleon effect going on -- his left eye matches the exercise ball. Here he's getting in the way of Betty using her exercise ball for a back-stretching exercise (a non-Betty example of which is shown below):

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Darren said...

Our sweet kitty Ellie does this sort of thing. She'll crawl up on my chest, sniff at my nose and then turn around and plop down with her butt in my face. She doesn't last long in that position let me tell you.

I think when they give you the butt part it's a sign of affection, right?