Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Adoptiversary, Tomokee!

Tomokee has been with us for two whole years! We didn't even kill him two days ago for eating a quarter of our pasta salad from a bowl on the counter. He's advanced from a hyperactive loony teenager to a not-so-hyperactive still-loony adult. Now, if we can just convince him to jump into the back of the car when needed, life would be perfect.


B. E. Busby said...

OK -- that hat makes him look like a sissy, whacked-out pimp.

aldonc said...

and you wonder why he ate the pasta - payback for the hats.

Darren said...

Although that hat would look lovely on some, perhaps it makes tomokee look like the love child of Liberace and Al Capone.

Manages to pull it off in a dapper-dan sort of way. How does he do that?