Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Snow dog

We took Tomokee with us on a snowshoeing trip to the Sierras last weekend, and he really enjoyed himself. At first, he was a little dubious, like, "what is all this white cold stuff?", but it didn't take long for him to like bounding up and down the snowshoe trails. Here he is enjoying some snow. Note that he is wearing his very stylish camo neoprene jacket. It was quite cold on this particular day in Donner Memorial State Park.
He made some dog friends, including Ziggy here. This was a day earlier in the North Tahoe Regional Park.
And here, he's doing some exploring with a dog named Cody in that same park.
And finally, he's sitting respectfully in front of the E Clampus Vitis plaque in Truckee. Notice that he's wearing his ever-so-sharp apre-ski fleece jacket -- very appropriate for a town like Truckee.

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