Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Today's goings-on at the fence

Here's what's been happening at the side fence today:

1. Tomokee is looking through a hole in the fence watching Tomokee TV.
2. Adobe, the neighbor tortoise, is lingering on the other side of the fence.
3. Adobe sticks his neck through a hole in the fence. (Adobe is not too smart about this)
4. Tomokee barks furiously.
5. Adobe retreats his neck.
6. Repeat steps 3. through 5. until Bruce pulls Tomokee away.
7. Tomokee whines because he misses his "friend".


Christie said...

Great. One more reality t.v. show I've got to watch. Can I Tivo this?

Anonymous said...

you have such a lovely dog. what's the breed of that. ;)

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