Wednesday, March 7, 2007

"Loud all my playtimes"

Last weekend, we took a short trip to the Lake Tahoe area for some snowshoeing, and also enjoyed some fine dining in Truckee. So, Tomokee went for his first kennel boarding experience at the local PetsHotel. They gave us a "Pawgress Report" of his stay. All in all, he did just fine, although it was noted that he was "Loud all my playtimes". This probably goes along with the "He's not aggressive...just annoying".

On our way back from Tahoe, we did some brief shopping at the Vacaville outlet mall, where Bruce picked up a pair Big Dogs lounge pants. (I believe "lounge pants" are just a form of sweatpants with printed fabric). As you can see from the fabric design, they are very dog-appropriate.

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Darren said...

That is a considerable pair of pants right there. Waiting for action shots!