Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dog hair: 1 Vacuum Cleaner: 0

Tomokee has never liked the vacuum cleaner. He growls and lunges at it whenever it is in operation. This is probably his way of getting revenge, in an indirect way. We noticed recently that our vacuum cleaner was sort of constipated. Actually, I'm not sure if constipated is the right word, since it was having trouble getting stuff into it, not out of it. The problem was that it was just stuffed full of dog hair, in all these places where we didn't know it had places. The photo shows the hair that came out of just one section. There was about three times the amount total.

Unlike the situation with Tomokee and the birdseed, there is no way to give the vacuum cleaner an enema. Bruce had to just pick everything out. The metal knitting needle shown is actually a useful tool for this purpose -- its non-business end is a small flat disc that can go in and loosen and pull stuff out.

We're now vacuuming up tons of stuff because it turns out that everything was being filtered by dog hair before.


Darren said...

I never thought I'd see the day when "no way to give ... an enema" would be a bad thing.

BoggyWoggy said...

We bought a Dyson DC14 "The Animal!" Oh my gosh! Wehave 3 big dogs and keep a clean house, but the first time we vacuumed with it, my teenagers screamed in fear at the amount of true, dog filth that came out of our carpets! It's well-worth the $550...each week, we vacuum and it just keeps on doing it's thing!