Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dog Lexicography, Part II

OK, time for two new dog-centric words.


Everybody knows that dogs sniff everything (when you watch a dog sniff a big pile of turds, you realize God gave dogs a great sense of smell and no brains to use it properly). Sniffing has a nice quiet sound associated with it. Snoofing, on the other hand is that loud sound of a power sniff, preceded by air being propelled vigorously from the nose (I guess to clear dust and the like from the smell-target). Often times the dog can freak out a guest by first sniffing at, say, an ankle, followed by a full-up snoof, often causing surprise and concern. It also, when applied to a guest, means they carry either food or kitty scents.


There's a sound that dogs make when they've settled themselves in for a nap or for the night that combines a sigh and a kind-of "fnurrrgh" rumble. This elicits a "nice snorg" from the owners upon occurrence.

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