Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Escape from the Planet of the Dogs

OK -- "what's this got to do with Tomokee?", you might ask. Not much, 'cept he wasn't along for the ride... sometimes a little escape is a good thing. Dogs aren't welcome at casinos, limos or Aerosmith concerts.

So, yes, I went to see the Aerosmith concert in Reno -- staying in Tahoe at Harrahs (for free! Yay!). The casino arranged for a limo to take me and Rob (a friend I dragged along as a birthday treat) from Tahoe to the front door of the venue (and back). We had a nice VIP host, Angie Antonetti, riding shotgun in the back with us, doling out beer/soda/whatever. The concert was great, except I could have done without the opening act ("Hinder") which seemed like screeching, angry youth. I prefer screeching, angry old farts, thankyouverramuch.

The next night, Rock&Roll Hall-o'-Famer Dave Mason played in Tahoe... what an outstanding musical talent! If you ever get a chance, see this guy and his outstanding band -- not the flash kind of show, just outstanding music.

So, what about the dog? Well, he learns fast. He vocalized loudly when I got back and now attacks the luggage when I touch it ("luggage is evil, it leaves me home"). Now I owe Betty two massages (not from me, the store-bought kind) as atonement for leaving her home with T-dog.

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