Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Shake, rattle, and roll

Last night, we had an earthquake here in Silicon Valley. This was probably Tomokee's first earthquake. These theories about animals and earthquakes don't seem to apply to Tomokee. He just ignored the whole thing and continued lounging with a tennis ball in his mouth. Either he didn't notice, or he noticed and because he's such an optimist, he figured "so what if the earth is shaking a bit -- it'll get better soon".


Cheri said...

Growing up I had a dog that was afraid of the earthquakes (I grew up on the Central Coast of California) and I'd sit with her to calm her down.

Thank you for your comment. Stella was a sweet old girl, we'd had her for 14 years and it's hard not having her around, especially for our basset hound who is used to the company. Eventually we'll get another dog, I'm sure of it. Perhaps even another retriever.

Anonymous said...