Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Scenes from Carmel

We spent last weekend in Carmel. I just love visiting Carmel. Tomokee probably loves Carmel as much as I do, but probably for different reasons. After all, I don't think he cares about shoe shopping at Lloyd's Shoes. He does love the beach, however.

Here he is, poised for action at the beach.

Here he's enjoying a drink at the "Fountain of Woof" located in the Carmel Plaza shopping mall.

Tomokee does like shopping at the Diggidy Dog boutique, although shopping for him involves trying to eat everything at dog's mouth-level.

Tomokee can see and smell into the store from one of the street windows.

Tomokee made lots of friends, of both the two- and four- legged variety. He's getting acquainted with Chuck, the chocolate labrador, in the Cypress Inn hotel living room. The next day, he got to play with Chuck on the beach. We kept getting Chuck confused with Woody, another choco-lab staying the hotel. There was a third one named Jake, but we're not sure if we saw him or not.

We enjoyed some Japanese food for lunch on Sunday, and of course we shared some with Tomokee. He got to enjoy some leftover oyakodon.

And, because Carmel is such a dog-friendly town, many restaurants have dog menus.