Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another stint at the boarding kennel

We went on a short trip to Las Vegas this week, so Tomokee went to the local PetsHotel. His "Pawgress Report" seems better this second time around. At least he was not "loud all my playtimes".

Now, you're probably wondering why I have posted a photo of Bruce Willis. Well, I was wandering through the Miracle Mile Shops (which used to be the Desert Passage Shops), when I saw many persons-in-black (a.k.a. PIBs) wandering about outside a theater wearing VIP badges. They did not look like typical convention goers. Well, shortly thereafter, Bruce Willis emerges from the theater complete with entourage. He was nice enough to stop for a photo-op, and I was lucky enough to get one good picture. I believe the woman on his right is Carmen Electra, and the man in front is Andre Agassi. They were all there for some announcement about the re-branding of the Aladdin resort as the Planet Hollywood resort.