Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Oh, 'ees French, you know...

As a result of a need for an immunity injection (no, not anything to do with Survivor), a vet-tech at our favourite vet place (Adobe) looked at yonder beastie and inquired if he was a Beauceron. [God bless links from blogs...] OK -- even if he's not, it's the (spammer's Mecca), "replica Beauceron." The physicality (with some deviations) and temperament match. People look way more impressed when I call the dog a Beauceron instead of "dog." [N.B.: just because she was interesting looking, I used to tell people that Benzlo was a pure-bred "Shao-Lin." People bought it and we were both made happy thereby].

As a result, we've now started calling the poor thing (by his name, mostly, really, trust me...) on occasion, "the Frenchman" or worse (no, Darren, no Québécois humour here). God bless 'im, he don't care. Who knows -- maybe we have a great male champion of the breed (double dew-claws and all). Oh, wait, he was neutered at Animal Services... Bollocks! (appropriate, no!?)